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The AIRSŪSYSTEM, which was showcased in Global Entrepolis Singapore 2003, is an air cycle refrigeration system that uses atmospheric air as a refrigeration medium. Although air cycle machines have been known for a long time and are used most typically on aircrafts, the high costs involved in the technology have prevented its widespread use in other industries.

However, the AIRSŪSYSTEM has been developed with the aim of increasing the reliability and effectiveness of the air cycle technology with increased cost-effectiveness.

CFC & ammonia-free

No CO2 emission

Safe; Zero Risk of environmental hazards & contamination of refrigerated goods

No extra safety precautions or regulatory measures needed

Replenishment of refrigerant unnecessary as air is used

Defrosting unnecessary in warehouses

The AIRSŪSYSTEM is a state-of-the-art air cycle refrigeration system which completely does away with ammonia and CFC, therefore eliminating the damage to the ozone layer.  As compared to CFC substitutes such as HCFC, it has zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). Therefore, with AIRSŪ system, you can be environmental-friendly without compromising the power of modern technology!

The technology utilizes the cleanest and most natural refrigerant, namely, air, as the cooling agent. Using a 2-stage compressor / heat-radiation and expander, the resulting air temperature can be reduced to as low as –50°C. Since the technology uses air as a refrigerant, no additional costs are required in replenishing, as air is freely available. Additionally, the AIRSŪSYSTEM is composed of only a few but highly advanced components, thus reducing installation time and maintenance costs.

The AIRSŪSYSTEM produces very low temperatures efficiently using a patented technology. Air is initially sucked in from the refrigerated room by the booster compressor. Heat is removed from the air via the heat exchanger prior to entry into the expander turbine. The booster compressor raises the pressure and the air is cooled before entering the second compressor which increases the pressure and temperature further.

The heat-exchanger is then used to lower the temperature accompanied by increased pressure; having further cooled in the heat-exchanger; the air then gets expanded in the turbine to a very low temperature. Lastly, condensation is removed before the air is injected into the refrigeration facility. (See flowchart above.)

This system has many applications in various industries, including major applications in refrigerated warehouses, delivery centers for groceries, ship containers, shock freezing of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals production, refrigerated show-cases, air-conditioning systems, and others.

Refrigerated warehouses

Delivery Centres

Ship Containers


Pharmaceutical Production

Refrigerated show-cases

Air-conditioning systems

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