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As the distribution arm of Wisland Group, we strive to forge strong and long-term business relationships with our partners and customers to form a valuable world-wide network that would benefit our customers and partners.

We work to be the best and most reliable supplier in each of our chosen markets. With our outstanding technology and high quality products, we are undoubtedly equipped to provide added-value services to our customers at fair prices.

We continue to form alliances with other companies and institutions in our pursuit of attractive and innovative technologies and products in order to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

We also believe in operating globally in order to better access, serve and satisfy more potential customers worldwide. 


Wisland Ventures Pte Ltd provide investment advisory services for any companies who are interested to invest in China or coming to Singapore to expend their business.

We also help these companies to set up their offices in the countries of their interest and help them to open up the market through our sales and distribution services. 

We do trading for commodities products especially copper, iron ore, scrap iron and many others.


Singapore has been receiving students from other countries since 1988.  Over the years, students from many countries especially China have expressed great interest to come to Singapore for their education or to brush up their command of the English language and prepare themselves for enrolment into universities in USA, Europe and Australia.

Wisland Development main businesses are to coordinate the receiving of students from these foreign countries, provide accommodation, guardian service and tuition for them and arrange to enroll them into government schools in Singapore. 

Besides helping the students, we also serve as business information sourcing point for students’ parents who are interested in getting contacts in their respective trades and businesses. Thus, we seek to establish strategic alliance by acting as agents for famous local educational institutions and offer services of high standards.

Helping corporate and schools to organize special tour, excursions and education trips are also one other services which we provide. As part of Wisland Group, we also help in the distribution and copper business for the Asia Pacific regions.



Wisland Technology provides agencies and retailers for many high and new technology products, and also concerns the product to carry over many monitoring aspects through the integration solution.


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